Saturday, December 03, 2005

Further refinement

I read a good article in the google analytics section about how to increase your conversion rate.

Some interesting tips:
- Create a specific landing page for every add group
- Tailor the landing page specifically for the add group
- DON'T put a site navigation bar on your landing page

I'd already made landing pages, but they were basically the same page for every ad. I had thought the purpose of having different landing pages was so that you could track how each ad is doing.

Once I started thinking about it, I realized - the landing page is your opportunity to make a very targetted sales pitch - don't give them the opportunity to browse around and perhaps be overwhelmed.

I went in and re-did the copy on a few campaigns (bachelorette,over-the-hill, retirement) and put a few non-performing campaigns on hold.

The other interesting thing was the notion of "bounce" as a metric. You can measure how many people land on the page, and the "bounce" away without making a conversion. By targetting the page, I'm hoping that I'll land the sale.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another day, another dollar - kiss the girls and make 'em holler

I submitted my application to, now I'm awaiting approval. I got another 44 visitors today, so maybe if I add their voting html to my website I can at least get some votes, even if they don't buy. I also found some great advise on their forums.

I worked some more on my Adwords campaigns, added some keywords and pruned some high-bids or non-active keywords. So far, I'm getting decent results - over 100 impressions a day, and a click-through rate over 1%, but not yielding sales yet.

I also submitted my url to, which is an "open source" style directory listing. I guess some other search engines pick up their feed like AOL, google, etc.

I've got a couple of more t-shirt slogans that I'm going to add, not in the poop/pee vein of humor, but maybe they'll do OK.

I've been thinking about updating my product images on the home page to make them a bit larger, maybe a more professional look. I did a sample graphic of the briefs and my wife definitely thought it was an improvement.

As for the "day job", I got a call from the recruiter I mentioned yesterday. I couldn't tell if she actually worked for this company or was a head-hunter, but she did a phone screen interview and said that she'd submit me to the hiring manager tomorrow. She did say that the salary for the position was below what I'm currently making, but I told her I'd negotiate.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's a learning experience.....

Well, I did get one comment - not sure if it was legit or not, but I'll at least take the luck that was wished.....

As for web traffic, I'm getting about 20 or 30 visitors a day to the site. I'm still learning, hoping to figure out how to drive my traffic higher. Any tips are welcomed.

I added a "santa promo" graphic to the website, a curmudgeonly looking business man in a santa cap, with the caption: "The gift.....for the man who has everything!" I'm hoping to entice people to make the purchase during this holiday season - kinda a gag stocking stuffer.

The adwords are going OK I guess, I'm getting a couple hundred impressions a day with a click-through rate of about 2-3%, pretty good I think.

As for my "day job", I got a call today from a local company that I might be interested in working for, they have an opening for a Product Manager, which is kinda what I do now. I'd gone through a phone screening with them once before and there was a lot of interest, but the position at that time didn't have a salary in line with what I'd be looking for. We'll see what happens this time around.

I found a link to a website in which T-shirts are voted on and ranked. I'm going to look into submitting the skiddz T's to it for kicks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

mmmmkay....first post

Well, what leads a man to decide to sell dirty underwear on the internet for fun and profit?

Could it be the utter frustration of a dead-end career, coupled with pent up entrepreneural spirit and a sprinkle of business sense?

Or maybe its just 100% stupidity.

At any rate, the adventure begins.